Louisville, Kentucky.
The city where builders belong

What’s happening in Louisville, Kentucky?

Find out who we are and why we are so passionate about what we do

Jewish Community of approximately 10,000 members

In Louisville, you’ll have an opportunity to build deep, faith-based relationships through Congregation Anshei Sfard .

Here you won’t be just a number

Our community seeks young, growth-oriented families who can contribute meaningfully to the Torah landscape of our city.

Nurture a community that nurtures you.

When you move to Louisville, you will find the life you wanted for your family and the affordability to make the most of each day.

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Move your family to a temperate climate with great schools and even better job opportunities


A beautiful city with the practicality of the Midwest and the charm of the South, Louisville is the ideal place for you to raise your Orthodox family. With just a short drive to Jewish communities like Chicago, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, you and your family will love being a part of the fabric of Louisville.

The Louisville Community offers you and your family:

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