Jewish Life In Louisville

Anshei Sfard Synagogue

Our local synagogue, Anshei Sfard, was started in 1892 when a group of Torah-focused believers started meeting in a hall located in downtown Louisville.

Today, Congregation Anshei Sfard is led by Rabbi Simcha Snaid. He and his family moved to Louisville in 2016 after being appointed Rabbi of Congregation Anshei Sfard. Rabbi Snaid has also been instrumental in the growth of the Shul by implementing multiple opportunities for Torah study within the Shul.

Regardless of observance level, knowledge, age or affiliation, Rabbi Snaid’s prime goal is to pass on the depth and beauty of our religion in his approachable, non-judgmental, sincere and friendly manner. He values and welcomes diversity at all levels without this being an impediment to communal unity.

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Kosher Food

There are plenty of options for Kosher foods in Louisville. The Louisville Vaad Hakashrus certifies

You can also get a wide variety of kosher items in the Kosher Kroger, Trader Joe’s and Costco. The Hyatt Regency Louisville offers kosher catering.

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Our Mikvah is on the property of the Old Anshei Sfard Shul building now owned by JCC. It remains under the control of the Vaad and in the Eruv. It has been checked and certified by HaRav Shmuel Fuerst.

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