Jewish Life In Louisville

Anshei Sfard Synagogue

Our local synagogue, Anshei Sfard, was started in 1892 when a group of Torah-focused believers started meeting in a hall located in downtown Louisville.

Over time, the congregation grew to the point where a formal home was needed. The Board of Directors purchased the B’rith Sholem Temple for a new home for the congregation. In 1928, a new addition was added and dedicated.

Today, Congregation Anshei Sfard is led by Rabbi Simcha Snaid. He was joined by his wife Hindy and daughters, Ilana and Rachel when they moved to Louisville in 2016 after being appointed Rabbi of Congregation Anshei Sfard.  

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National Products on Baxter Avenue produces 90% of the disco balls in the U. S.

A replica of Babe Ruth’s bat is outside the Louisville Slugger Museum; it weights 68k lbs

Sixty tons of fireworks are used in the Thunder Over Louisville Fireworks Show

1,300 animals are in the Louisville Zoo

More than 554 roses cover the winner of the Kentucky Derby

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