Louisville is all about community. In other areas of the country, you might live on a street and never know your neighbors. That’s just not the case in Louisville.

In Louisville, affordable housing and a thriving job market seamlessly blend with the backdrop of stunning city parks, renowned shopping, and a refreshing Midwestern atmosphere.


We are a community that prioritizes creating an environment where every individual feels accepted, supported, and connected. Whether you're a newcomer or a longtime member, we are your place where you can authentically be yourself and grow.

Young Families

Louisville provides you the opportunity to be a pillar of an established frum community. You will be able to meaningfully contribute and directly impact your shul, school, and community. Set the amazing standard of living you aspire for your family.

Minimal Cost

The cost of living in Louisville is super affordable, with income comparable to other top-tier U.S. cities, but a cost of living that is significantly lower:

- Median Home Value $230,565
- Median Rent/Mo. $832
- Forbes Advisor Cost of Living of Louisville
--- 24% lower than Miami
--- 45% lower Queens, NY
- Gusto Inc. - Louisville No. 4 city in the U.S. for job growth in 2022
- Average work commute is just 23.6 minutes

$50,000 Incentive Package

Congregation Anshei Sfard is offering a 3-year forgivable loan of $50,000 toward a down payment.

Click the Link to Find Out More:

Louisville Community Incentive Package Application

It's the perfect city to raise your frum family in an environment that is friendly and focused on family.

Louisville Community Eruv

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