Living in Louisville means that your child can attend a phenomenal elementary school inspiring lifelong learning and character development.

Montessori Torah Academy (MTA)

The Montessori Torah Academy combines Montessori educational concepts with a focus on traditional Jewish learning and Torah values, the core of Jewish identity and survival. At Montessori Torah Academy, the students are empowered to learn Torah and use Mitzvos as a guide for achieving their life’s mission. A wholesome environment provides the ideal setting for each child to develop the knowledge and understanding to experience the joy of Judaism.

Come and learn about this exciting and effective educational approach, which prioritizes whole-child learning and fosters a more joyful approach to the learning experience.

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Torah Learning

Congregation Anshei Sfard offers many opportunities throughout the week for Torah study. Whether you are looking for one-on-one learning with a chavrusa, participation in a zoom class from the privacy of your home, or a lively discussion in a group setting, Anshei Sfard offers learning opportunities tailored to your heart’s desires.

  • Sunday Morning Mishlei
  • Talmud Trek
  • Women’s Sunday Night Learning
  • Monday-Thursday Night Kollel
  • Laws of Shabbos Crash Course
  • Motzei Shabbos Mussar Class
  • One-on-one learning with a chavrusa
  • Parent Child Learning 
  • Women’s Weekly Halacha Call

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